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music for all ages

I've been making music for as long as I can remember. I've devoted the last two decades of my life to making music that matters for people of all ages. I hope you'll visit my
Charity and the JAMband (music for children & families) and The Invisible Bee (music for grown-ups) web sites to learn more! More below:

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Charity and the JAMband

Award-winning music for children and families!

Come rock your socks off with kids music with a message! Charity and the JAMband are celebrating their 20th anniversary of recording and performing award-winning music for children and the grown-ups who love them. Featuring lyrics that talk up to kids, magical and interactive story play, and spontaneous humor, CJB shows are a rocking celebration of joining together as one family, united by song, dance and love. Renowned for their funky and unforgettable grooves, joy-filled singalongs, peace-inspired rock epics, and heart opening love anthems, all CJB songs also have accompanying dance moves for those who like to jump right in and tear it up. Bandleader Charity Kahn has offered all-ages music+dance+mindfulness programs in throughout the Bay Area for over two decades. For more info, visit Come join the JAM!

Concerts, classes, music, & more!

The Invisible Bee

Love & loss, grief & hope, dharma & action.

The Invisible Bee is a soundtrack for the Anthropocene. This music is apology, anger, truth, grief, hope, celebration, and call to action, all rolled into one — anthems, meditations and love songs for the climate movement and all who care for Mother Earth and her beings. This music is where Charity expresses her "grown-up" side, writing songs the address the experience of being human during these times. The Invisible Bee is music for our times. Come join the hive at

Music for thinkers, doers, lovers.
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